Sales SPEEDSTER is powered by an advanced Sales Acceleration technology along with an intelligent dialer, which enables you to call the hot prospects first and close deals faster.


A smart Sales SPEEDSTER can boost the productivity of your sales team multiple times. Intelliverse Sales SPEEDSTER allows no opportunity to slip from the hands of the sales personnel, equipping them with the right tools to stay in touch with customers at the right time to close deals faster. With the integrated telephony feature of Intelliverse Sales SPEEDSTER, you can start dialing directly from the SPEEDSTER by importing the dialing list.

The Sales SPEEDSTER allows you to segment the customers and prioritize the tasks of the sales team according to the customers’ inclination levels. This not only helps immensely in saving time and improving productivity but implements a much-needed sales process with immaculate reports.

With Intelliverse Sales SPEEDSTER, manage your sales team effortlessly as there is a definite process in place for sales pipeline management and all the sales activities. Just implement the Intelliverse Sales SPEEDSTER and stay relaxed. See your sales figures soar higher with increased customer engagement, higher productivity, and increased revenue.


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